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                        Welcome to Zhejiang Taizhou Lianchuang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Website!
                        about us

                        Zhejiang Taizhou Lianchuang Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the city of Taizhou, which is known as the "Kingdom of Fine Chemicals”. We are specialized in the recovery of various chemical waste water, waste gases and waste residues.

                        With total investment of around 80 million RMB yuan, we recruited several senior engineers and established 2 large-scale recovery processing bases in Zhejiang province. At present, we have 15 sets of distillation equipments, an occupied floor area of 30mu and 18 technicians.  And our customers are from around the country.

                        Main business scope:

                        1. Recovery of various chemical waste water, organic solvents, waste gases and waste residues.
                        2. Sales of chemical materials: We enjoy advantages in sales of chemical materials, high-end recovery technologies, extraction of high-purity chemical materials with low prices and high quality. Main products are: anhydrous isopropanol, 95% ethanol, Anhydrous methanol, dichloroethane, mixed benzene, tetrahydrofuran, toluene, ether petroleum ether, anhydrous Ethyl acetate, 99.5% tetrahydrofuran, Cyclohexane and other organic solvents etc.

                        Boasting strong financial strength and powerful chemical trading resources, we, under the tenet of ”Sincere Cooperation, Honest Business, Environmentally Sound”, are looking forward to cooperating with you!