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      Lawn Furniture

      Lawn Furniture Manufacturers

      Every individual who prefers living a luxurious life loves the lawn furniture in Delhi. They are known to be the best options for the improvement of the overall outlook of your backyard area. The products, available at our store can stand against the adverse conditions of weather.

      Why choose us

      Patio Palace happens to be the leading lawn furniture suppliers. We have earned a high reputation in the country as we come up with furniture that is durable, adjustable, resistance to water. It confers an amazing outlook to the lawn of your home.

      Reasons clients love our products

      Being the number one lawn furniture manufacturers, we come up with the most unique collection of this furniture. They are suitable for hotels, resorts, home gardens, patio, and lawns. They are loved by the clients due to their contemporary style. We also provide customized pieces of this furniture.

      Lawn Chairs

      Lawn Chairs
      If you are thinking to relax in your lawn, Patio Palace wants to aid relaxation by proving lawn chairs. Our chairs are an Indian classic. They are great for a barbeque in your backyard, beach going, tailgating for your favorite team or a road trip. more...

      Lawn Sofa Set

      Lawn Sofa Set
      Love seats and lawn sofas offer comfort and extra seating capability for lawns. An outdoor lawn sofa brings the comfort of the living room outside the walls of your home. more...

      Lawn Dining Set

      Lawn Dining Set
      Our line of lawn Dining Sets will satisfy any taste designed with style and comfort in mind. They are lightweight and very easy to rearrange and move with wide range of colors to choose from. They go with any sort of outdoor patio area. more...

      Lawn Umbrella

      Lawn Umbrella
      Ah! It's a sunny day with cool breeze flowing around and you are looking for a shade to relax and enjoy the weather. Patio Palace comes with the incentive to give you immense pleasure and relaxation by proving incredible shade through our lawn umbrella. more...

      Lawn Swings

      Lawn Swings
      You children want to play outside and you don't want them to go outside! Here is the solution, we offer another range of lawn swings which are very safe for your children though add an appealing look to your lawn. We are known as eminent manufacturers and suppliers of lawn swings. more...

      Lawn Benches

      Lawn Benches
      If you are thinking to place your quality time in your lawn and want to relax and feel chirrups of birds, Patio Palace brings you avid range of lawn benches. more...

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